Operons from RegulonDB.




Operons from RegulonDB

Description of the dataset:

The classical definition of operon is a group of two or more genes transcribed as a polycistronic unit(Jacob and Monod, JMB, 1961). For database purposes only, we extended the definition in order to include the possibility of operons with only one gene. Therefore en RegulonDB, operon is a set of one or several genes and their associated regulatory elements, which are transcribed as a single unit.

Note: An operon is,therefore, one or more contiguous genes transcribed in the same direction.Please note that, according to this definition, an operon must contain a promoter upstream of all genes and a terminator downstream. It is also relatively common to find operons with several promoters, some of them internally located, thus, transcribing apartial group of genes. In all cases so far, one gene belongs to only one operon (http://regulondb.ccg.unam.mx/html/Project_glossary.jsp).In RegulonDB, all overlapping transcription units constitute an operon, but afull transcript may not have been reported.

The text file can be accessed from http://regulondb.ccg.unam.mx/data/OperonSet.txt


Strong confidence

The data are collected accurately by manually literature-based curation. Each biological object has associated evidence that supports its existence, as well as, the quality of evidence, based on the confidence level of the validation method. Evidence forthe operon is inherited from the evidence of transcription units belonging to that operon.


Dataset provided and maintained by RegulonDB from the original source published in:

Gama-Castro,S. et al. (2011). "RegulonDBversion 7.0: transcriptional regulation of Escherichiacoli K-12 integrated within genetic sensory response units (GensorUnits)". Nucleic Acids Research. 39: D98-D105. PMCID:PMC3013702


Contact person for questions about this dataset:

Person: RegulonDB Team

Email address: regulondb@ccg.unam.mx


The distribution of the data contained in RegulonDB database is available in: http://regulondb.ccg.unam.mx/download/LicenseRegulonDBRegistration.jsp